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Your Security is Important


Payroll Vault is dedicated to keeping security at the forefront of everything we do. You can be confident that your information, taxes, and employees' paychecks are handled properly and securely. Our best practices include security controls that help protect your business, employees and vendors.

  • Clients have the ability to monitor the tax payments that are submitted to the IRS on their behalf via the EFTPS platform. All new Payroll Vault clients are registered with this service as part of our onboarding process.
  • Regular and random external audits of ACH accounts to verify that the account balances and other pertinent information is in order.
  • Multi-factor authentication is employed on various platforms to ensure the security of our logins and our data.
  • Payroll Vault offices collaborate to stay up-to-date on the fraud attempts and scams that are occurring throughout the industry.
  • ALL requests made via email are verified to catch any suspicious or fraudulent email activity.
  • Secure file sharing options are available to clients to submit sensitive information in a secure manner.
  • Communication policies are in place to verify that we are speaking and corresponding only with people authorized by the company to be receiving and talking about payroll information
  • Regular ACH account reconciliation is performed to monitor for any fraudulent account activity. 

The above list is not exhaustive. Payroll Vault is dedicated to helping protect against threats. Payroll Vault is dedicated to helping protect against threats to client and employee data.


As you consider any payroll provider, perform your due diligence beforehand. Take the time to interview the company thoroughly. Ask for opinions of fellow business owners and check online reputations. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Payroll Vault office with questions.


Rebecca Streff

Director of Training & Support

Payroll Vault Franchising